Monday, 12 November 2012

The Rainbow Fairy

The Rainbow Fairy
by Isabella Fyfe, age 7

Once upon a time there was a Rainbow Fairy. Her job was to paint the rainbows that covered the sky after it rained.  But she needed rain in order to make a rainbow, so she borrowed a drop of rain from the Rain Fairy.

When it was sunny, she added a drop of rain to the air. The magic raindrop would cause the clouds to form more rain. Then when the sun came back out, she would bring the rainbow out in the sky. She had a paint brush and painted the rainbow bright colors.

She was friends with the Tooth Fairy, the Tangle Fairies and the Animal Fairies. She waved to say “hi” the next time she saw the Rain Fairy, and gave her back the rain magic she had borrowed to start the rain.

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