Thursday, 25 July 2013

Lizzie and Coraline: A Mermaid Adventure

by Isabella Fyfe, age 7

Once upon a time, there lived a little mermaid called Lizzie. Lizzie had long blonde hair and blue eyes. Lizzie liked to play with seals. They swam together looking for secret treasures.  She had a mermaid friend named Coraline who had long black hair and green eyes. Coraline loved to stick her head out of the water and look at the moon at night.

One time, Coraline stuck her head out of the water for too long looking up at the moon and she got a stiff neck. Because she had a stiff neck, she didn't feel like going back down into the water and because of this a sea monster spotted her and attacked her. Lizzie helped Coraline fight off the sea monster by hitting it with her strong mermaid tale and it finally gave up and swam away, but by that time, Coraline had been hurt. A large bruise was spreading across her body and it hurt her to move.

Lizzie knew what she had to do. She told Coraline to stay where she was and that she would be back. Lizzie had to go down to the deep, dark cave and find the magic purple oyster pearl she had noticed on one of her adventures. It had magical healing powers. It would help to heal Coraline. The pearl glowed brightly and was breathtaking to see.

First, Lizzie had to get the shiny, blue shield that was so shiny, it would help her to see within the deep, dark cave. Her seal friends told her where she could find it, but she had to swim past the large blue whale in order to get to the shiny shield. Lizzie tried to swim past the blue whale, but she got swallowed by the whale and had to find a way out.

Lizzie was a clever mermaid, and she knew just how she could get out of the whale. She tickled the whale with her long, blonde hair and swam out of his mouth while he was laughing. She then swam to the deep, dark cave.

The shield helped light her way, and before long, she found the magic purple pearl. She held it tight in her hand and swam back to Coraline and gave her the pearl. Coraline swallowed the pearl and immediately started to feel better.

Lizzie warned Coraline not to look up at the moon for so long next time.


  1. This is a wonderful story, Isabella! Lizzie's a very smart mermaid, and a wonderful friend. Thank you for your story. :0)

  2. I am glad that Lizzie found the magic purple pearl for Caroline. Excellent job, Isabella. I enjoyed reading your story. Keep on writing!

  3. Great story, Lizzie. I think you have a future as a picture book writer!! Keep writing...

  4. Isabella,
    what a wonderful story. Lizzie's courage helped her solve the problem, and she was brave right through the troubles that got in her way! What a great heroine you have created. Keep writing, Isabella.

  5. Such a wonderful story! I love mermaid stories. I can't wait to see what you write next.

  6. Such a wonderful story. I love mermaid stories. Lizzie is so smart. You are to write this story. Can't wait to read more!

  7. What a clever brave friend Lizzie is. I enjoyed your story Isabella!